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Unusual Self-improvement Strategies That Will Change Your Life


What do you feel when you see someone healthier, happier, younger, wealthier, or more successful in life? Do you feel envious, motivated, or depressed? No matter how you think about them and what your current status in life is, know that you too can achieve what you want only if you commit to improving yourself first. It won’t be an easy journey, and it will be lifelong progress. But in the end, all your hard work will pay off.

The good news is, there are many ways you can start improving yourself. It all starts with taking care of your health and well-being. Consider your goals, write them down, and you will have an idea of what steps you can take to improve yourself finally. But did you know that there are other things you can do to start improving your life? Here are five unusual self-improvement strategies that will surely change your life for the better.

Start Beekeeping as a Hobby

Have you ever considered taking beekeeping as a hobby? If you’re not afraid of bees and want to take up a new hobby that is both sustainable and inexpensive, then why not be a beekeeper yourself? Aside from all the free honey you can harvest, you’re also increasing your awareness about the environment and learn many things.

You will learn how to be responsible and be mindful of your little colony. If you have kids, you can share your newfound love for bees and allow them to help you in taking care of the bees. You can even educate your community to do the same, sell your own harvested honey, and, if you love camping, get to light fire every week.

The good news is, you can easily find many resources both online and offline that can teach you how to start and what the best practices are when it comes to beekeeping. There are now beekeeper applications you can download on your phone. That makes it easier for you to record and track your locations, prioritise tasks, share data with others, and make sure you stay compliant.

Take More Cold Showers

Many of us like taking a nice warm shower in the morning. At the end of an eventful day, a nice warm bubble bath is what we yearn for. That may be a relaxing treat, but did you know that you can benefit from taking cold showers each day?

Cold showers in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day, wake you up, and make you feel energised as if you just had your morning coffee. It can also be a great way to calm itchy skin, soothe your tired and achy muscles, and even fight stress and depression.

Stop Acting on Impulse

Many of us don’t practice delayed gratification. Even if you can afford something you want, always acting on impulse can drain your wallet, makes you impatient, and can make you easily unhappy. If you want to improve yourself, then you must learn how to practice delayed gratification.

When you deny yourself of worldly pleasures, you’re training your brain to be more patient, work harder, be more responsible and resilient. You can save more money to buy the things you need and learn how to handle disappointments. A study also claims that delayed gratification improves chances of success, which means the better you get at stop acting on impulse, the more likely you are to achieve your long-term goals.

Do at Least One Selfish Act Each Day

When we hear the word selfish, we always associate it with being self-involved and self-centered. But we must remember that anything that is in excess can be a bad thing. There are times when being selfish can help you to be better, teach others not to rely on others too much, and finally have enough time to practice self-care and self-love.

That is not to say that you should be selfish all the time. A single selfish act or two each day can be enough to help you take better care of yourself and be healthier. It can help you set healthier boundaries and give yourself an advantage in pursuing leadership rules.

Reach Out and Ask for Help


Sometimes, the best way to improve is to ask for help. You can reach out to a loved one, a neighbour, a colleague, your boss, or other leaders in your company. You can reach out to others looking for individuals they can mentor, and learn valuable lessons you can’t learn by yourself.

Sure, self-help books, online courses, and the likes are available online and offline. But reaching out can help you establish great relationships, increase your learning, and improve your skills. You get to enjoy better social relationships, build your career, and get the necessary support motivation you need to succeed.

Your self-improvement journey will empower you, allow you to see things in a better light, and boost your happiness, health, and success. It is the only way to become better, stronger, and more resilient. If you want to increase your quality of life, then it is time that you stop taking self-improvement for granted.

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