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A Rustic Wedding: Ways on Achieving this Special Event


Perhaps, because of the demure yet sophisticated aesthetic it emanates, a rustic wedding theme remains one of the most popular wedding theme choices. Need more ideas for your upcoming wedding? We feature some of the ways that’ll help you pull it off:

1. Rustic Setting

Farm wedding venues, ranch, barn, mountain top, or lake-resort are the ideal settings for a rustic wedding. They project a down-to-earth, natural, yet elegant feel. At least, the ambiance should feel just like that.

If you prefer a half-indoor and half-out door setting, you might want to go for a vineyard with open-air spaces or a partially covered deck.

Are you forced to have an indoor wedding due to COVID-19? No need to worry! By putting together the outdoor elements such as wood accents, tealight candles, grasses, and small tree drapes, you can bring the rustic vibe in.

2. Dress Code

Pull off your fuss-free and natural, yet elegant look with a simple and classic wedding dress. Lace can produce an antique and trendy rustic feel that complement a subtle beauty.

Wear your hair loose and free-flowing just above your shoulders for carefree and Bohemian free-spirit. To project that “I wake up like this” cool-chic vibe, make your hair a little messier by loosening up a few strands to complement and frame your face. For a finishing touch, add a flower or other hair accessory.

Rustic is warm with yellow undertones. Gold, orange, and burgundy colors are sure to pull-off that perfect velvety look.

3. Flowers

Choose sturdy and slightly textured flowers such as zinnia, marigold, daffodils, cosmos, and pansies. These are heat-resistant even when they’re cut, making them last longer in an outdoor setting. Plus, they are easy to arrange.

Don’t make the flower arrangement too structured, though. Combine a variety of wildflowers of different sizes to make it look like they were freshly harvested. Incorporate non-floral pieces such as vintage books, white corals, and votive candles, to make the texture even more rustic.

Don’t forget the grains and veggies too! Feel free to play with different styles and arrangements until you find the texture that best suits your wedding theme.

4. Color Combination

Monochromatic shades such as beige and tea bronze complement the wood accents perfectly! They also go well with rugged decors; add some touch of cozy elements if you want for a warmer tone.

For a daring and bolder style, try bright shades such as gold, orange, and purple. Don’t be scared to mix and match. You can use all the colors that fit that vibe you are after.

5. Decorations

Make the ambiance rich and moody by combining natural and dramatic elements such as woods, chandeliers, burlap, and antique furniture. The presence of a polished armchair or table alongside the rugged decors will also create that authentic farm or ranch setting.

Check out where you can add unique and personal details in large spaces to make it look more inspiring. Add lighting, if possible, to set the aura of the venue.

Choose from white paper lanterns, chandelier, string lights, or hanging lights. You can set them up the ceiling or tree branches for a more festive and intimate vibe.

6. Menu

Home-cooked dishes and comfort food are the perfect combos for a rustic wedding theme. Try passed on food such as freshly baked bread with dip and veggies, bite-sized tacos, and goat cheese for appetizers.

You may look for catering services that offer old-home style cooking. It’s important to remember to make the menu as local as possible to evoke that farm-to-table tradition. Some of the best dishes to include are mac and cheese, roast turkey, potato salads, and fruit salsa.

Wrap it up with delicious and refreshing beverages. Serve strawberry juice or lemonade with sliced fruits for more colors and decors.

7. Music

wedding party

For a romantic and relaxing mood, go for country love songs. Mix them up if you want to. It’s better if the music highlights your and your partner’s personality.

At the reception, kick-off that happy-go-lucky vibe with upbeat folk songs. Keep all your favorite country music playing to keep the dance floor going.

Some of the best country songs to include in your playlist are:

  • “Cruise,” by Florida Georgia Line
  • “I’d Love to Change Your Name,” by Kenny Chesney
  • “Kick the Dust Up,” by Luke Bryan
  • “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” by Josh Turner
  • “The Bones,” by Maren Morris
  • “Ring of Fire,” by Johnny Cash

There you have it! Try some of these fantastic suggestions on your big day to create a perfect rustic vibe on your dream wedding.

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