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How Can You Have a Low-cost Divorce?


The world of divorce and child custody can be incredibly difficult to navigate, so it’s important that you hire family law attorneys in Colorado Springs to guide you through the process to ensure favorable results. Of course, they don’t come cheap. There are plenty of expenses that you should expect to pay, including filing fees, attorney fees, accountant fees, and more. If you’re wondering how you can save money during your divorce, here are some ways to do exactly that:

Negotiate as a couple

The more you fight with your partner, the longer your settlement negotiations will take. This also increases the likelihood that you will need to bring your disputes before a judge. The more conflict you have, the more the divorce process will cost you. It’s important that you choose your battles wisely. Some fights might be worth having, but most aren’t. Always be open to negotiation and communication with your partner and attorney. In the long run, you’ll be able to save yourself from financial and emotional strain.

Cooperate with your attorney

divorce lawyerAnother way for you to save on costs is to cooperate with your attorney as much as you can and get them the information they need as easily as possible. Prepare for any and all meetings you’ll be having with your attorney. Preparation will save you time, and that time saved will in turn save you money. Always keep your line of communications open and make yourself available, and allow your attorney to reach you through different channels like e-mail, phone calls, and text messages.

If you have any questions or concerns, avoid calling your attorney. Calling their office might give off the impression that your attorney will have to review your file to respond to your questions, which means more time that will be billed to you. By emailing the questions, they can respond promptly without needing to review your file. Also, be sure to give your attorney as many facts as you can from the very start. Once they can get all the facts down, your attorney will not need to go back and review information often.

Prepare everything

Before you even go to an attorney, make sure you collect all key documents that you can present to them which can be used as exhibits to help your case be successful. Put together a thorough summary of key arguments, timelines, facts, and financial spreadsheets that are relevant to your case. Do the work of gathering and organizing as much information and documents as you possibly can without the help of your legal time.

Consider alternative forms of dispute resolution

Some couples do not need to go to court, but others do. If you are required to go to court, you should expect that the trial will be quite expensive. It might be necessary if you need to resolve genuine disputes, but there are also several valuable and affordable alternatives you can take such as mediation and arbitration. These procedures are also quicker and less antagonistic than a trial.

Divorce and child custody can be a thorny process if you don’t put in the time to prepare for it. These simple tips may help you avoid a long and arduous affair.

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