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Take Care, Stay Aware: Always Practice These Car Safety Habits


Driving is a convenience most can’t go without, especially if they use it to go to and from work. Car ownership is one of the goals most people prioritize. Driving your car might be hard at first since it requires a lot of concentration, but anyone can handle it with a bit of time and effort.

No matter how confident you are behind the wheel, you should never neglect car safety. Driving expertise doesn’t decrease car accident risk—practicing safety habits does. If you get careless, you might suffer from injuries from a car accident and will need an attorney from Denver or other nearby areas.

Whether you’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, always keep these car safety tips. If worse comes to worst and you’re involved in an accident, these will at least minimize the injuries that you end up getting.

Buckle Up

Those seat belts aren’t just for show. Always practice putting on your seat belt, even if you think they feel uncomfortable. Proper usage of them is required by law and for a good reason. They can save your life if you end up getting into an accident.

Most car accidents happen due to speeding. If you aren’t wearing your seat belt, the momentum from the crash will force you out of the car and through the windshield. You’ll at least suffer severe injuries, or in worse cases, pass away. Wearing a seat belt can minimize the possible damages to huge bruises.

If you have small children, a child safety seat is better for keeping them safe. Adult sized seat belts will be suitable for them once they’ve reached a height of at least five feet.

Seating Matters

If you’re using a ride-sharing service or hitching a ride with a friend, try to sit in the safest spot. For most cars, the safest seat is as close to the center, which is usually the rear middle seat. If you’re riding in a newer car model, however, studies say that the front seat is the safer spot.

The type of accident can also affect a seat’s risk factor. If your car gets rear-ended, then its back part is the least safe spot in that situation. Don’t be too worried, though, as seat belts remain the bigger contributor to post-accident safety.

Tidy Up

A car tends to accumulate personal stuff through time, especially if a family uses it. Make sure to keep your car interior clutter-free, as it can be a potential health hazard if left unchecked. Those used cups and empty wrappers can be a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

Vermin issues aside, a messy car also increases the chance of car accidents. It may seem unlikely, but that empty bottle can end up rolling under your brake and keep it from functioning correctly. You can end up in an accident that you could have avoided.

Avoid Secondary Crashes

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If you get involved in a car accident but your car can still function, try to drive to the side of the road. Doing so will lessen the chances of a car pile-up from happening—especially in places that have low visibility.

However, if you notice that the car is smoking and you smell gas fumes, get away from it as soon as you can. Those are likely to be the signs of an impending explosion.

When you’re riding a car, make safety a priority. Practicing these habits may seem bothersome, especially when you’re in a rush, but there’s no harm in keeping yourself safe. A small hassle is nothing compared to the injuries it prevents.

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