A Deeper Look into Women and the Shopping Experience


The association between women and shopping is strong. Men love to joke about this topic. There is even a stereotype that women could not resist shoes, bags, clothes, and other luxuries. The truth goes beyond this superficial perspective.

The shopping tendencies of women go way back to ancestral times. A woman plays the role of the gatherer. They pick the freshest produce for their families. Even in a more sophisticated setting, the goal of a modern-day woman is the same. They look around to find the best items, not only for them but for their loved ones. Women and retail have an intricate relationship that entrepreneurs can look into. This gender is full of marketing insights. They are excellent participants for customer voice surveys. Their feedback could help business owners to understand customers better.

Women have various shopping habits. There are different mindsets applied by female shoppers. Here are the four distinct groups where women belong when it comes to shopping.

The Social Catalysts

This group represents more than a third of female shoppers. In a word, they are the influencers. They consider themselves as the experts in their groups when it comes to novel items. Their peers tend to buy or try whatever they recommend.

The Natural Hybrids

This group of female shoppers consists of a third of women who go shopping. They are lesser compared to the social catalysts. These women have a balanced mindset when shopping. They both honor the ideas of saving and splurging. They tend to be practical at times and splurge at the next purchase. But, they prefer items that last for a long time.

The Content Responsibles

One-fifth of female shoppers belong to this group. When they go out to shop, they treat it as a chore or an errand rather than a leisure activity. You can find in this group loyal customers to certain brands. They are not into experimenting with new brands in the market. They are practical and straightforward shoppers.

The Cultural Artists

These female shoppers are the smallest in population, with an estimate of 1 out 10 women. But, they are the trendsetters. They are also called “super shoppers” because they are not afraid to try on different things.

These mindsets can lend great insight to the behavior of women when they are on a shopping trip. As a female shopper, you may identify yourself in one of these groups. Entrepreneurs can also learn a thing or two here. To delve deeper, women also have reasons why they shop.

As a Primary Care-giving Responsibility

Most women buy not for themselves but on behalf of everyone else in their lives. They take the role of gathering all the needs of their loved ones, may it be their children, parents, or spouse. They also shop to show a level of thoughtfulness. When a special occasion draws near, you can see a woman exerting effort to find a perfect gift. They go even to the smallest detail such as packaging. When women see shopping as a way to care for others, the negative implication is they might overspend. In their desire to see enough items for everyone, they may misjudge the amount of their purchases.


To Maintain an Image

Women have come a long way from being the domesticated gender of the past. They now hold important positions in society. As such, there is an image that they need to maintain. Choosing luxury goods tends to impress other people. They also give you a sophisticated identity. Even the food you buy signals your social status to others. The downside of this reason for shopping is accumulating items that you have no real use for. Also, one may operate in credit if only to maintain the image that they want to project.

As a Way to Regulate Emotions

Research shows that women may hit the stores when they are in an emotional high or low. They also see this activity as a way to compensate for something missing. Also, women go shopping to ease boredom. Shopping based on emotions, either positive or negative, can lead to impulse buying. When the emotion dies down, they might feel some regret about what they bought.

With all this information about women and shopping, one must be more mindful of how they shop. Here are some practical tips to make every shopping experience positive and meaningful.

Have a List and Stick to It

A list is any shopper’s best friend. Before venturing out, check your wardrobe, refrigerator, or pantry. Make a list of only the items that you need. Remind yourself to stick only with what is on that list.

Set a Realistic Budget and a Reasonable Time frame

Be realistic with how much are you willing to spend. See the value of an item with how long you are going to use it. Make sure that every purchase makes sense. Also, avoid aimless shopping. Do not give yourself too much luxury of time when shopping.

Use Cash

Never give in to the temptation of using credit cards. When you use magic plastic, it feels like your spending power is limitless. With cash, you can keep your feet grounded.

Do Not Shop When Triggers Are High

Avoid going on a shopping trip when you are hungry, tired, lonely, upset, or bored. Chances are, you will give in to impulse buys. Thus, choose the right time for you to shop. This is when you are at your most active and most logical version of yourself.

Shop Alone

Shopping partners can be your greatest downfall. When you are not careful with your companions, you could end up buying more than what you intend to buy.

Shopping should not feel superficial for women. You can enjoy shopping with the right mindset, reasons, and guidelines.

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