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The Best Way To Plan Your Child’s Gender Reveal


Learning about your baby’s sex is a magical experience for any parent. That’s why most of them are ecstatic to share it with their friends and family by hosting a gender reveal party.

Baby showers have become obsolete in the world of parenthood. Now, gender reveal parties have become the newest craze that everyone seems to be very excited to do. It’s a pretty straightforward concept: You plan the party with everyone you want to invite and celebrate as you announce the sex of your newborn baby.

It can either be a huge function or an intimate dinner with your loved ones. You can even go to a trusted gift shop to get a few giveaways or prepare a couple of snacks for your guests as they wait for “the reveal”. In short, anything goes when it comes to gender reveals. But if you want some insider tips, then you might want to read on and get a couple of pointers to help you plan your gender reveal party.

Creating a theme

Parents Magazine says that creating a theme is a great way to start with your gender reveal party planning. For those who have the means to go all out, hiring a mascot to do the gender reveal may sound like a cool idea. But for those who want to keep it simple, preparing pink and blue candles and plates should do the trick. You can even be a bit creative by decorating the walls and centerpiece with blue and pink decors, too.

Schedule the date

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Once you’ve already set out your plan, it’s now time to send your invitations to your guests six weeks in advance. Doing so can help get you enough time to have a gender-determining ultrasound for the big reveal. But if you want to be sure of all the details before the event, then you can always send the invites out at least two weeks ahead.

Clear your schedule for the ultrasound

When doing a big gender reveal, it’s always essential to have a skilled ultrasound technician to confirm if your child is a boy or a girl. You can even ask the sonographer to write it down on a piece of paper. Then, please put it in a sealed envelope to surprise everyone. If your baby is in a position that can make it extremely difficult for the technician to determine their sex, you can always schedule another ultrasound.

Build the excitement

Starting a gender reveal party doesn’t mean that you’ll start the party and announce it immediately. It would help if you get everyone excited a bit by letting the tensions rise. You can even let your guests feed off of each other by holding a tally and see who wins.

Once everyone seems very excited about it, it’s time to start the gender reveal. Some use cakes, while others use fireworks to do it. No matter how you want to do it, the color should indicate whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

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