Rolex Watch

Taking Proper Care of Your Rolex Watch


Most people know that Rolex watches are quite expensive. These watches are huge investments, and collectors and watch enthusiasts are most likely aware of this. Rolex is well-known for their durability, but if you do not see to it that they are well taken care of, then it wouldn’t probably last that long.

Below, we will discuss how you should take care of your Rolex watch, just like how you would take care of that white gold wedding bands for her that you bought a while ago.

Have it Serviced

If you see anything wrong with your Rolex watch, then have it serviced right away. Do not wait for a long time, as this can eventually ruin your watch. Actually, it is a must to have your watch checked and serviced every two to four years, even if you do not see anything wrong with it. Watches can get worn out over time, and Rolex watches are no different.

Another thing is that you should have it serviced by a professional and experienced watchmaker or repairer. Once your watch is damaged, it can be difficult to have it repaired by another repairman again.

Do Not Let it Sit

We get that some people love to collect watches and that they have a couple of it lying around their drawers. However, you should not just let a watch sit without wearing it for a long time, as the parts can get stuck up. A watch is just like a car — if you do not use it consistently, then there is a huge chance that it might act up the next time you use it.

If you do need to store it for long periods of time without wearing it, then make sure to keep it away from extremely hot rooms and places and see to it that it is out of direct sunlight.

Rolex Watch

Be Wary When Wearing It

Most Rolex pieces are made of stainless steel that is usually high-grade, and some are decked with sapphire crystals. These materials are very durable, but even the strongest materials can get damaged if not properly taken care of.

Whenever you are wearing the Rolex, make sure that you are taking proper measures to keep it safe on your wrist. Never let it bump on a ceramic tile floor, as sapphire crystals do not react well to this. And sure, Rolex watches are water-resistant, but you should never let it sit underwater for too long, as this can easily penetrate through the insides of the watch which can damage it.

Again, Rolex watches are huge investments, which is why you should treat it like you would treat a car, an expensive handbag, or even a house. If you have a couple of these Rolex pieces in your collection, then make sure to wear every piece now and then so you can showcase its true beauty. You should also be cautious when having it restored, and see to it that you are handing it over to a trusted repairman.


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