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Simplifying SaaS: What to Look for in a Marketing Consultant


Taking charge of a SaaS business isn’t easy. You have to maintain reliable services for your existing clientele. You have to constantly update your technology infrastructure to keep up with the rest of the industry. And you have to keep innovating to retain existing clients and gain new ones.

You already have so much on your plate. But by picking the right SaaS marketing consultant, you take a significant load off your shoulders. You can put someone else in charge of company marketing while taking charge of the business’s priorities and the most sensitive responsibilities.

But which factors should you tick when choosing a marketing consultant?

Determine the Focus of Your Business

SaaS-related businesses have varying concerns. For example, businesses that are more concerned about operational efficiency and company expenditures need a marketing head focused on addressing bottom-line issues. Meanwhile, businesses hiring an outsourced marketer to boost traffic and sales are advised to have a top-line focus.

Before choosing a marketing consultant, decide which concern is more urgent for your business.

Make Sure Consultancy is the Primary Service

If you do a quick Google search for agencies that offer marketing services, you might get overwhelmed because of how many options you seem to have. But narrow it down and make sure you’re working with the best of the best. Choose a firm whose primary service is marketing consultancy. You can consult other agencies regarding your marketing strategy, but they won’t have the same focus on you.

A dedicated marketing consultant can handle all your concerns without distractions.

Check Your Potential Consultant’s Portfolio


It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but it’s something worth reminding all business owners who plan to hire a marketing consultant. It’s not enough for you to know what they can do for your company. You want to guarantee that they can do it by studying their client portfolio. And remember: it’s not about how many clients they’ve had in the past. It’s how successful they made their previous clients.

By doing this, you gain peace of mind knowing they’re implementing the right marketing activities for you.

What do you gain from a marketing consultant, anyway?

As the pandemic forced more businesses and corporations to focus on their software and online efforts, the SaaS industry grew and developed. This is backed by nonstop innovation in the fields of AI and IoT. It’s no longer surprising that, according to a detailed report published last summer by Kenneth Research, the SaaS market is expected to grow during the 2020-2026 period.

The next few years will likely be hectic for you. So focus on what you do best, which is providing sophisticated and user-friendly SaaS services. You already know how competitive your offerings are. Let your marketing consultant show your target market just how competitive those products are.

Take care of your business while an outsourced marketer takes care of revenue growth. But of course, it has to be someone you can wholeheartedly entrust your customer insights, marketing strategy, and digital marketing tactics. Keep these key factors in mind when selecting the right person for the job.

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