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Pointers for Running a Restaurant This Pandemic


If you’re running a restaurant during this coronavirus pandemic, then here’s the silver lining for you: people will have to go out at some point. The country needs to restart its economy and help everyone survive by allowing them to go to their jobs and patronize businesses like yours.

However, as part of this society, you have a significant role in delicately combining health and economy. You can do that with these tips:

1. Go for Al Fresco

More studies suggest that coronavirus can linger in the air for at least three hours because of aerosol droplets. These are the fluids like saliva a contagious person can release when they’re talking, singing, breathing, and, yes, eating.

The risks of aerosol suspension and distribution, though, are higher in enclosed spaces. In these areas, people have no choice but to gather more closely. Air-conditioning systems can also spread these droplets around.

Restaurants, therefore, can benefit better from al fresco dining. People can spread farther apart while ventilation is way better. Further, with proper lawn & landscape maintenance, those plants can help reduce stress levels, so you can still provide a relaxing experience for your guests.

2. Demand the Mask

There’s a lot of controversy about masks in the United States, but science says it works. It could decrease the risk of transmission by as much as 85%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). When you pair that with social distancing, and the odds further decline.

3. Bring Your Food to the Curb


Even if states ease their restrictions, some will still avoid going out. Others can do so for only essential reasons, such as groceries. In other words, they are less likely to visit your place.

The good news is you can do it the other way around: bring your restaurant to their homes. For one, you can offer curbside pickups. Other options include takeouts, private dining, and subscription meal plans.

4. Spend on Safety

These days, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. News about an infection from your restaurant can destroy your brand. Most of all, it could mean hundreds of people whose health is at risk. Now is the best time to invest in safety:

  • Improve your ventilation system, especially the duct and air-conditioning units. You can also design the restaurant in a way you can maximize the windows.
  • Provide adequate protection for your employees. These can include enough hand sanitizers, clean sanitation areas, gloves, and masks. It depends on the level of work they do or human exposure.
  • Install glass barriers or create modular rooms and “bubbles” for small groups.
  • Protect and strengthen your staff’s immunity. Respect their breaks, encourage those who are sick not to report to work, or create stress management programs.
  • Spend on markings and signs that will guide diners on the new etiquette and processes, as well as how to protect themselves better when out.

The road to economic recovery won’t be easy, but it will eventually come. The most important thing is the steps businesses take today. For restaurants, adapting to the times is essential, but they should do so without compromising their quality of service and product. These pointers will help them achieve that.

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