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Online Music Lessons: the New Normal Approach to Music Education


The sudden strike of the pandemic has forced schools and universities across the world to shut down. Over 1.2 billion children from 186 countries are currently out of their classrooms. The educational system decided to let the students take online classes instead. However, this situation has its pros and cons like any other situation.

Some students lack access to the internet and technology. These students fall behind compared to students who are fortunate enough to gain access to what they need for online classes.

The Effects of the Pandemic on Music Education

All sorts of education are now pursued through online classes. Classes involving music is not an exemption. Students are now taking music courses such as guitar and piano classes online. Study shows that there is increased retention of information in online classes compared to in-person classes. People are even giving hints that online classes might include online post-pandemic.

Taking music classes online can be overwhelming, especially to those who are new to it. But with the technology that we have right now makes online classes convenient and affordable to students. As online music classes are proceeding, study shows that many students are learning music more enthusiastically than presumed.

The reason for that could be:

1. Lower Cost

Families are on a tight budget during the pandemic due to the shortage of job opportunities for parents and the family’s working members. Online music classes let the parents save money because of their lower rate.

2. Convenience

Taking online classes at the comforts of your home or room is like a dream to most students. They don’t have to rush to get to their classes or get stuck in traffic in the morning. Having your class at home is advantageous, especially for students who live far away from their schools.

It is also convenient for families who have busy schedules. Online music classes are scheduled in ways that are convenient to the student and their families. The instructor evaluation can be scheduled at the time the student is available.0

3. Access to the Best Instructors

Taking online music classes means you can choose an instrument you want to play and the instructor that’ll be teaching you. The student has the freedom to choose an instructor depending on the instrument that they’re going to play.

4. Lessons Can Be Repeated

Unlike in-person classes, online music classes allow students to go over a lesson at their own pace. This allows them to practice that certain lessons until they’ve finally comfortable and familiar with them. Some classes are even recorded so that the students can review the lessons to monitor themselves or look back at the lesson.

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When most of the music community found out about online music classes, several students started enrolling in online classes. During their online music lesson, the students set up the camera of their device high enough for the teacher to see the student’s face, fingers, and the instrument that the student wants to play.

Having a one-on-one lesson with the student also allows the instructor to have insights into the student’s environment. Through this, the instructor can analyze how the student will progress according to its surrounding. Students who are learning to play an instrument need a quiet place to practice and a comfortable environment to do it.

But learning to play an instrument requires dedication and commitment. Online classes are good when the student is only figuring out what instrument to play and earnest about learning it.

Everything has its cons, no matter how advantageous the situation is. Certain factors slow down a student’s growth in learning. Those factors could be the:

1. Slow Internet Connection & Device Efficiency

The basic need for an online class is to have a stable internet connection and a device. Some students are unfortunate when it comes to internet connections, and their devices lag from time to time. Even a five-second lag from the class can impact the student’s learning because they might miss some important lesson or advice from the instructor.

2. Proper Feedback

Although students can receive feedback from their instructors, it doesn’t compare to the instructors’ personal feedback. They can’t correct your finger placement the way they want it to be and can’t help you with your instrument’s proper tuning.

These disadvantages in online learning can be altered if the student has enough motivation to study through adversities. In these times, motivating yourself is a part of learning. Online music classes are still highly effective despite some cons in the field.

Online music classes are also a good option for students who live too far and find in-person lessons uncomfortable.

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