How to Open Your Feminist Business


Have you ever thought of opening a feminist business, but you’re unsure how to go about it? You’re not alone. Most feminists who would like to open a business feel that way. Our advice? Go for it because we need to level the playing field.

World Economic Forum found that in the coming years we should expect more feminist businesses. They say entrepreneurship in that era will consist of women, men and the LGBTQ community. The same kind of environment that you seek to create with your feminist business. We say, go for it. Why? Because it will be a catalyst for change and inspiration for other female entrepreneurs to start businesses that offer a perfect environment for other women. In this blog, we want to share some tips about how to open a feminist business, and suggest a few ideas that you can explore:

What Is a Feminist Business?

Bloom Brilliance says Feminist Business means creating businesses inspired by social feminism. They go ahead to add that the concept is all about using feminist values to build environments where everyone feels supported. Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliot also label it as ‘entrepreneurial feminism.’ They believe businesses with such identities will help girls and women achieve economic independence and fair opportunities.

While there are more women in leadership than 20 years ago, there is still more that needs to be done.

Quick facts:

  • 91% of executives are still occupied by men, only a mere 9% of executives are women
  • In the financial sector, 82% of executives are men, whereas women represent only 12%
  • 98% of men are plumbers, while women only account for 1.4% of this field
  • Only 1.8% of women are electricians
  • Within the tech industry, women only account for 28% of roles

Benefits of Being a Feminist Business

Opening a feminist business has a multitude of benefits, and the most significant one is driving social change and equality that empowers generations of women. Imagine a world where women have equal opportunities and the freedom to pursue their dreams; this can significantly reduce gender-based violence, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  1. It empowers girls and women economically.
  2. A feminist business creates safe spaces for them to be themselves and thrive in the corporate world.
  3. It encourages employees to speak up about issues like harassment and abuse.
  4. It puts you as a business owner in a position to offer support and help to girls and women.
  5. It allows you to inspire other businesses and clients to prioritize safe environments for girls and women.
  6. Opening a feminist business challenges patriarchal systems and involves everyone taking part in empowering women.
  7. It boosts your brand by aligning with these values, attracting supportive partnerships
  8. Constant learning about women’s issues and contributing to solutions.
  9. It allows you to form partnerships with other feminist businesses, forming a supportive network.
  10. Your brand will gain media attention, as there’s a growing interest in profiling founders of feminist businesses.
  11. Running a feminist business goes beyond profit—it’s about fostering a culture of empowerment and equality that benefits everyone involved.

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas you can use to set up a feminist business:

Create a Beautiful Space

To make your office more welcoming to women, a few changes can make a big difference. First off, it’s crucial to foster a toxicity-free environment where women feel safe to work, share ideas, and advance their careers. They should have the confidence that climbing the corporate ladder to executive roles is equally open to them, without any gender-based obstacles imposed by anyone in the organization.

After creating a supportive environment, consider making your office aesthetically pleasing. Women tend to appreciate beauty in their surroundings. From office furniture to kitchenware and even the bathroom, the details matter. Choosing colors wisely matters too. If you’re not sure beyond pink, ask the women in your office for input.

Most would be glad to share their thoughts.

Research has shown a connection between surroundings and well-being. A study in 2011 discovered that people living in scenic areas were happier and healthier than those in less visually appealing places. This highlights how a beautiful office space can contribute to the happiness, productivity, and focus of your employees. Sometimes you might need to consider putting up new lights. Or even renovate your entire ceiling. And that’s where a scaffold company comes in handy. You can also check with a few local construction companies to see if they can’t help you improve your offices.

No matter what changes you’re making, keep women in mind when sprucing up your office. Aim to create a beautiful workspace—it makes a difference. Use fresh flowers to decorate your office. This is one of the best ways to brighten the mood in the office.

Renovate Your Exterior

Next up, go outside to check the exterior of your office. What does it represent? Do you see any inkling of masculinity anywhere? If your last office was built was around 1995, then, most definitely it needs to be renovated. If you are unsure what colors to use, what to change, and so on. It’s always advisable to rope in a feminist to help you. They can advise you on what you should change on the outside of your building to make it more feminine.

For a bold statement, try adding some pink. Yes. It’s a vibrant way to show everyone that you’re a proud feminist company. Also, think about adding some bright lights and sprucing up your entrance with flowers and plants.

And who said you shouldn’t renovate your roof as well? There are roofers who’re highly experienced at creating roofs for feminist businesses. A roofing company will assess your roof to see how they can make it to fit your vision of a feminist business. There is also an option to go for flat roofing. Search for a roof company locally. That would be a great start in turning your business around.

Keep Your Space Spotless

Don’t overlook the value of keeping your office space neat and tidy. Many women naturally appreciate a tidy environment, so maintaining cleanliness is key. If you’re committed to running a feminist business, it’s important to take steps to ensure your office stays as clean as can be. One option is to hire a full-time cleaner to keep things spotless around the clock

Alternatively, you can hire a business cleaning service. Not only will they keep the interior of your office clean, but they ensure that the exterior is clean as well. Then you can also wash your windows, outside and doors.

Get Rid of Pests

Let’s talk about kicking out those unwanted office guests—pests. Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, flies, ants, and moths can be quite a bother. Cockroaches often hang around in untidy spots, feeding on scraps and sometimes even nibbling on paper. Now, rodents? Argh, they’re like unwelcome houseguests that chew through everything, including files and office wires! And those flies?

Flies not just annoying; they can contaminate food and spread germs all over your surface. It’s time to show these pests who is the boss. Fortunately, there are exterminators that you can use to get rid of pests. Most of the companies that offer this service will require that you vacate the office when they come to exterminate pests. Some of those companies even offer a commercial pest control service.

Create a Patron Parking Area

At least 76% of American workers use their car to commute from home to work. Here’s why having good parking for your feminist business is crucial. Without proper parking, patrons might hesitate or even turn away. Plus, potential job applicants could feel discouraged if parking isn’t readily available. It’s an essential aspect to consider for a thriving business.

Ever considered having a dedicated parking spot for patrons? It’s a fantastic way to make your workplace more feminist-friendly. As a business owner, setting up a patron parking area for your feminist business is a thoughtful move. Ensure it’s safe, well-lit, and easily accessible for women. Making these adjustments can really make a difference. There is a commercial paving contractor that can help you create a patron parking area.

Find a Waste Management Solution

How’s your company handling waste? Managing waste is a big deal for any business. You need a strong plan to figure out how you create and use resources, finding ways to save along the way. When you cut down on raw materials and make better use of what you have, it can really boost your bottom line. There is a dumpster rental company that can help your business.

Make Your Office Emotionally Safe

When starting a feminist business, prioritize creating an emotionally safe environment for women. Not sure what that looks like? Invite women to define this safe space with you. Work together to establish a code of conduct for training sessions and sensitive talks. Develop a clear process for onboarding new female team members and ensure everyone communicates with them professionally. It’s all about creating a supportive and respectful workplace.

Your office needs to ensure the physical safety of women and be a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Create an inspiring environment where you can unwind and connect with your colleagues. It’s all about fostering a comfortable and inclusive workspace.

Be Inclusive in Your Language

Another valuable tip to growing your feminist business? Pay attention to your language. Is it truly inclusive to women or does it lean towards a patriarchal tone? For instance, rather than saying ‘guys’ when addressing a mixed-gender team, opt for ‘ladies and gentlemen.’ Also, phrases like ‘ladies’ night’ can exclude trans women and non-binary individuals.

When communicating, avoid gendered job titles such as actress, waitress, or mailman. Instead, go for gender-neutral terms. It’s all about using language that embraces inclusivity.

Educate Yourself and Your Team About Feminism

Understanding feminism isn’t always easy, especially without taking the time to educate yourself about it. We suggest familiarizing yourself with various concepts related to feminism and exploring the challenges it addresses. Start by learning about the history of feminism. Find out who were the trailblazers and what obstacles did they face?

Once you’ve got a good grasp of these concepts, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to foster a feminist-friendly environment. It’ll also guide you in creating a solid code of conduct for you and your employees to follow. Remember, feminism is complex and continually evolving, so staying informed is the best way to keeping up with its developments.

Launching a feminist business brings heaps of benefits over drawbacks, but success requires a solid plan. This blueprint will steer you through integrating feminism into your business. If you’re not well-versed in feminism, take the time to educate yourself—it’s crucial for the journey. But if you already have a deep understanding, it should be a smooth ride.The key? Make sure feminism is woven into the very fabric of your brand. It’s all about making it an integral part of your business’s identity.

Being a feminist business doesn’t mean being oppressive toward anyone, whether straight men or those in the LGBTQ+ community. Your business contract should embrace people of all races, genders, and ages. Strive to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. It’s about providing a safe space where women can work without facing any form of violation, and where reporting sexual, physical, or emotional abuse is strongly encouraged.

Creating such an environment isn’t a stroll in the park. With commitment, you and your team can work together towards this goal. It’s about actively shaping a generation—men and women—who feel safe, empowered, and capable. It’s about creating a world where a person’s worth isn’t judged by their gender. Together, you can make a meaningful difference.

We’re approaching a future where this vision is within reach, and every journey starts with one step. You’ve already begun by opening a feminist business, and now it’s about putting those concepts and ideas into action. Without implementation, there’s no driving force behind the change we seek. Be an active part of that transformation. While you’re at it, don’t forget to support other women-led businesses. It’s not just great for your business; it’s also a powerful way to uplift women across the country. Together, these actions pave the way for progress and empowerment.


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