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Challenges When Working Overseas: How To Face Them


Immigrating to work in a new country is more common now. But it is still not an easy experience for anyone trying it. If you signed up to work abroad and got the job, here are some of the common challenges that you will face and how you can probably deal with them.

Immigration Problems

The biggest obstacle you will face is the immigration issue. Moving to another country is more than hopping on a plane and having someone stamp on your passport. To live and work in another country will require you to get a visa and deal with various immigration issues. If you don’t straighten things out, you will have to go back to your home country. Depending on the country where you plan to work, there are different requirements to deal with and rules to follow.

Most of the time, your employer will be handling your work visa. But if you need some help, a local immigration lawyer would be able to help. They can also assist in the various legal issues that you might face. For example, local tax laws and banking rules might be different from what you know. Having someone guide you through them will help you avoid later problems.

Fitting In

Once you have the legal issues out of the way, you’ll find that living in your new home can be a big change. For many expatriates, trying to fit in is something they find difficult. People love having a sense of belonging. Without it, there is a sense that you are missing something. This can have negative effects on your mental and physical health.

So you should try your best to integrate into the local community. The first thing you should do is to try and learn the local language. Language barriers are a big hurdle to overcome, but a combination of immersion and study can do wonders. Many immigrants speak the language in no time. If you are already fluent in the language, then you have a major advantage. Go out with coworkers and talk with the locals. Being friendly at the local coffee shop or restaurant can be a great way to gain some friends in the area and help acclimate you.

Finally, if you feel a bit homesick, you should look around for the local expatriate or migrant community. There will likely be others from your home country so you can talk in your language and reminisce about home.

Stay Healthy

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It is always a good idea to take better care of yourself when you move to another country. Immigrating is a major life change, and that can be hard on your body. For example, if you come from a tropical country and move to a more temperate climate, then your body might take some time to adapt. While this is happening, you might be feeling a bit under the weather.

There are several things that you can do to improve your health despite the changes. For one, you should consult with a local doctor. Finding one that can be your regular doctor is also a big help since then you have someone aware of your medical issues and history. Another thing you can do is to get enough rest. Understandably, you want to give your employers a good impression of you, but you should give yourself time to relax. Too much work stresses your body out, which makes you vulnerable to illness and disease. Take some time for yourself so that you can unwind.


Living abroad means you have to find a place to live. Most employers are willing to assist with your lodgings. This usually comes in the form of a housing stipend to pay for a hotel or temporary rooms. You will still need to look for a longer-term solution. It would be best if you asked your coworkers for a potential place to rent for the duration of your stay. If you plan to stay for a long time and have the funds, buying a house is not out of the question. But it is enough to establish yourself for now.

Look for a place that is close to your work. Most of the time, new immigrants don’t have driver’s licenses and cars so you will have to use public transport. You should also look at the various amenities that the place has before signing the lease.

Working abroad opens up major opportunities for you. But you might have a difficult time as you try to adapt to the local culture and environment. Being aware of what you will face can make things much easier for you.

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