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Bazaar Best-sellers That Will Boost Your Small Business


You are always looking for ways to earn extra income as a woman. A small bazaar or fair can be a lucrative small business. If you’re passionate about homemaking, then your passion could be the breakthrough to small business success. You need to have multiple sources of income to keep up with the rising costs of living. The opportunities here are endless.

Women can create products that appeal to a wide range of customers with different tastes. You don’t need a handmade product. It just takes some good marketing skills, and beverages are always in demand. You can initially start small, like selling homemade preserves or jams, make smoothies and shakes to small neighborhood grocery stores. Use your small bazaar as a venue to market your products and further expand your small business empire.

This blog post will discuss what you can sell on a bazaar or fair as a mom-preneur or small businesswoman.

1. Homemade Preserves

Preserves are best-sellers in small bazaars and fairs. You can make them colorful and attractive with different shapes, sizes, or even beautiful labels to add value to your products. These small jars of homemade goodies such as jam, jelly, chutney, pickles, marmalade, and salad dressing can be sold for a small price per jar. Customers will not mind paying small amounts if the product is very delicious.

Preserves will also boost your small business because it requires only tiny workspaces to prepare these sweet mouthwatering food items without the need for authentic kitchenware like oven or cooking utensils. Homemade preserves can be sold in small jars and are easy to find in small bazaars or fairs. You have to make small labels on a small sticker with your business name, contact numbers like your cellphone number or email address.

2. Smoothies and Shakes

If you love making fruit juices, this is the best way to earn more income at the bazaar as a mompreneur. Fruit juices taste better when they are freshly squeezed from the fruits themselves. So if you own small land where different fruits grow, this will be an added advantage for you because you need to buy a small hand-crank juice extractor to start making delicious fruit juices fresh from your land.

These small drinks are beautiful when placed in small beverage carts. You may add small colored umbrellas for small additional costs or even small paper cutouts of tropical fruits to make the smoothies or shakes more presentable.

When small businesses are placed on small carts or small tables, they look more attractive than just putting your items directly on the pavement. You don’t have to spend so much money on tables and chairs because small beverage carts are usually enough as long as you place mattresses inside them for sitting purposes.

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3. Bread, Cookies, and Pies

Bread such as banana bread, zucchini bread, protein bread will be a big hit in the bazaar or fair because they are small in size, so you will not spend much on transportation costs, unlike cakes. On the other hand, you can sell cookies, cakes and muffins for a small price per bag because they taste good even if they’re small in size instead of large assortments of cookies that may quickly go stale before small grocery stores can sell them.

Pies are small and can easily fit in small carts for display. You may consider using small plates made of recycled paper or plastic to minimize cost. Since these small plates are very cheap, you have to make labels on a sticker with your business name, contact numbers like your cellphone number or email address.

4. Homemade Cocktail Mix

You may also sell homemade cocktails at bazaars or fairs because guests usually love getting different drinks when they visit bars. So why not try to offer them different types of homemade cocktails made from your secret recipe. Small cocktail mixers inside small shaker bottles will complement the whole look of your small beverage cart.

5. Small Garden Plants

Plants like roses, Jasmine, or any small flowering plant will be very nice to have when placed in a flower garden pot. These natural beauties make people in towns feel relaxed while buying souvenirs or just passing by to see what you’re selling inside your mobile business unit. If you have kids, this could also be an excellent way to earn an allowance as little entrepreneurs by planting small rose trees and parents.


Being a small business owner is not always easy because there are more competitors, both large and small. But if you have an innovative idea, you can survive in this small business world. You don’t have to spend so much money on extensive assortments because you can keep everything fresh and sellable once the crowd at the bazaar starts to thin out.

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