Avoiding Stress While Working from Home This Winter


It can be difficult staying comfortable and focused when working from home, especially right now. Not only because the temperatures are dropping and daytime is getting shorter, but also because of the threat of COVID-19 still looming around the corner.

We all tend to lapse into hibernation and isolation during winter, but with a nine-to-five job at hand, it is not something we allow. Thus, here are some useful tips to stay positive and productive while working from home this winter.

Ways to Beat Work Stress During Winter

Bank on Natural Daylight

Days become shorter during the winter months. In some cases, this causes people to develop depression and other mental health issues as they have lesser access to vitamin D. Leaving this concern unaddressed could severely affect your work performance.

The simplest way to combat depression and boost motivation is to allow as much natural daylight in your window as physically possible. Opt to rearrange your workspace beside a bigger window in your house. During breaks, consider spending some time outside your house, basking under the winter sun.

Surround Yourself with Greeneries

Another way to keep yourself motivated to work is by surrounding your indoor space with plants. According to research, desk plants can help reduce stress and anxiety, fostering good mental health and well-being. Plants are also beneficial in improving the indoor air quality of your home.

Even when everything outside is covered in white and snow, your indoor plants will remind you that the warmer months are not too far away. Consider having aloe veras, snake plants, and corn plants for your workspace greeneries. Not only are they a good source of oxygen, but they are low maintenance.

Eat Healthily

Although no food supplement can cure Coronavirus infection, having a nutritious and healthy diet helps strengthen your immune system. Besides keeping you away from the deadly virus, a good diet reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular and other physical health-related problems.

Mom working from home with child

Move Around

With the weather growing colder each day, it is more tempting to just lay in bed all day. However, even when the outside world is dark, cold, and wet, you have to stick to your morning exercises to stay healthy. Even thirty minutes of workout every other day can make a difference in your physique and overall health.

Open Your Creative Side

Just because you are working from home does not mean you have to be available 24/7 for work. Apart from taking time off work, consider tapping your creative side. Professionals agree that engaging in a hobby helps keep you highly motivated to work.

Learn to play instruments by enrolling in a music school. There are also plenty of free Youtube tutorials if you want to enhance your skills in crochet, cross-stitch, and weaving. If you turn out good at it, you could even start selling your creations on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy.

Final Note: Minimize Social Media

With plenty of fake news and distressing updates inundating your feed right now, it is best to be mindful of your social media consumption. It is important to stay connected with the outside world; however, a constant bombardment of negativity could leave you spiraling downward.

Make it a habit to limit your phone usage to at least two hours a day. Remind yourself as well to refrain from using digital devices an hour before going to bed.

By following all these simple things, you can help yourself stay productive at work during this winter season.

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