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After the Drama: Helping Your Child Recover from the Divorce


Some of the hardest aspects of your divorce are related to how you’re going to handle it when you have a child. When it’s just you and your ex, all you have to worry about is yourself, but a kid can complicate matters.

Now you have to think about another human being, who has their own feelings and thoughts about the situation as well as their own way of coping with it. As their parent, you can help them get back on their feet by doing the following:

Reestablish Civil Relations With Your Ex

This might seem to be a little counterintuitive, considering that you and your ex-spouse did disagree so much that you parted ways relationship-wise. However, divorce doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t agree to disagree. No matter how you go about it, your child would want the two of you to be there for them.

It will help them heal faster if you got rid of the drama as soon as possible and came to a reasonable agreement. If you need to, consult with a Denver child support or family attorney for help.

Encourage Your Child to Express Feelings

In dealing with stressful situations such as divorce, some children may find it an option to close themselves off emotionally. However, that doesn’t help them work out their frustrations regarding the problem.

To help them heal and move on, you can encourage them to express their feelings and be there to listen to them when they do. Often, leading by example is helpful. However, don’t mistake opening up for irresponsible unloading, and always remember that you’re the one your child is relying on, not the other way around.


Keep On Supporting Your Child

What your child needs most in this time are your love and attention. Take care of them as you always have before, at times, even more so. If they feel that they need someone to cry on or talk to, be there to listen to them.

If they decide to try and do something positive for themselves, including rebuilding their relationship with their other parent, then encourage them to keep doing it. Your parental duties don’t stop after your divorce.

Take Care of Yourself

Another one of the actions that you don’t want your child to take is to blame themselves for your poor mental, emotional and even physical state after the divorce. You might not think that it is possible, but there are sensitive kids who can come to that conclusion if left without reassurance that it’s not their fault.

This is not to say that you should always put up a strong front, but rather that you shouldn’t forget to eat, drink, and rest when you need to. It will encourage them to take care of themselves too.

It might be difficult, but with your help and the right approach, you can help your child recover from the impact that your divorce dealt on their life. In helping them get back up, you can also get back on your own two feet. You can then make the move forward together and become stronger.

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