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A Never-Ending Pattern: The Effects of Gender Inequality


Gender inequality is still a prevalent issue in society today. And usually, it’s the women that suffer from such problems, whether it’s the lack of education, medical care, employment opportunities, and so on.

At times, this may even cause problems in personal relationships. You may not be experiencing these issues firsthand. But you must know what you can do in case the need arises.

Inequality at Home

Every waking day, we always witness some discrimination against women. From the news we see on TV, in our workplace, or even in our own homes. And growing up, you may have already encountered this as well.

One common example is household chores. You may have noticed your mother doing most of the work at home. She’s the one in charge of ironing the clothes, preparing dinner, cleaning the rooms, and more. This is because it was usually the father’s task to work and earn for the family.

However, since women spent more time at home, it hindered them from doing other things in life. They may have also wanted to work and be successful in their own field. But of course, it was hard knowing that their partner isn’t home for most parts of the day. So they were the ones who ended up adjusting their lifestyle.

What You Can Do

If you happen to be going through the same thing, you should know that there’s something you can do. Nowadays, most people are already working from home. So, it’ll be easier for you to apply and get a job while also taking care of your kids. But, it would help if you kept in mind that this would take some getting used to.


When it comes to education, many young girls don’t get the chance to go to school. Usually, it’s due to monetary problems. And in some cases, parents tend to prioritize the education of young boys in the family.

However, it’s a known fact that education is a crucial part of one’s life. It’s what helps us succeed and become more productive. Along with that, it allows us to discover our potentials since this is where we get to learn most of our life skills.

So, if you’re a parent, one of your goals is to send your child to school and give them the best education possible. It won’t matter if you have a daughter or a son. Allowing kids to grow up with the proper knowledge would make them more open-minded.

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Now, in the workplace, there are also a lot of factors that contribute to inequality. One of these is the lack of pay. Despite being well-educated, there are still women who earn less than men. Along with that, issues about maternal and parental leave also take place. This is why, as mentioned, women end up being the ones who adjust to being able to care for their children.

Relationship Problems May Arise

As days go by, this may even cause problems in the relationship of married couples. The lack of time and the differences in responsibilities may become too much to handle. So, one of the best options is to try to work things out. Sometimes, what people need is proper communication. Allow your partner to know what you’re really feeling. At the same time, get to know his side as well.

But, if you still aren’t able to come to terms with one another, you may start considering a different solution. Some couples decide to get a divorce. However, this isn’t a simple choice to make, especially if you have kids. Of course, you need to think of how this will affect them in the long run.

One factor that could influence their well-being is moving to a new house. If your family home is in Nassau County and you decide to move to Greensburg, they may experience a culture shock or the feeling of homesickness. This is why there are family and divorce attorneys that can help you throughout the process. They can advise who gets custody of the children, the relocation rights, and so on.

Gender Shouldn’t Be an Issue

Times are changing. And with that, we should become more open to growth. Underestimating one’s capabilities would only end in missed opportunities. Eventually, this would affect the lives of the people around them as well. This is why everyone in society needs to know that they can do anything they set their mind to. Success shouldn’t depend on what one’s gender is.

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